"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." - Christopher Reeve

Sometimes the fine link between life and death is hope.  But once you choose hope, the windows, doors and gates open wide...and the impossible becomes possible.

We stared at each other for a long time as silence descended in the room.  We were teary eyed.  We had raised a hundred and ten thousand pesos (around $2,550) in a span of a few weeks.  It was enough to cover the hospital expenses when Jess was rushed to the hospital last month.  It was a miracle.  A miracle that happened because people responded to the letter that Daisy sent their way.  Family, relatives, friends shared their prayers, their money, their blood, and their love.  And so Jess did not die.  He survived.

You have arrived in a place where Life is valued and Love is expressed in a special way.
We continue to give Jess hope.  When he knows that the funds would not last for the next kidney dialysis, he would quietly say that he will just skip the next one.  Yes, he is still currently undergoing regular dialysis due to kidney failure.  In this time of challenge, we continue to remind him that he is important,  special, loved and valued.  More importantly, to believe that he will be healed and be free from dialysis for life.

Jess is 52, retired and is relying only on online earnings to support his medical needs.  But he is determined to be self sufficient and we are supporting him in anyway we can.

Our Online Life Link Campaign

We  have pledged to share with him part of our online earnings from sites we own and CPA sites we recently put up for this cause. Our Life Link Campaign begins by inviting you dear reader and friend to help us COPY  the links on sites listed below and PASTE them to your own blogs, sites, social networks and the like.

The more links we create, the more chances the sites reach Google's number one item on the first page. Once on Google's first page the more visitors on the sites. The more visitors on the sites the more chances of having Clickers and Buyers on the sites. The more Buyers on the sites the more chances we give to extend My Brother's Life, Hubber Jezzbb. In this manner, we not only help him cover his monthly medical needs but also give him the chance to feel empowered once more and most importantly, increase his belief on the power of unconditional love.


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We confess that there are moments when despair would creep into our hearts and we would feel this enormous burden on our shoulders.  Could we actually bear the thought of watching someone we know slowly die right before our very own eyes because we don't have enough funds?  We can't...we simply cannot!  So it is with courage, boldness and tremendous faith that we come here today to ask for your help.

Please help Jess by linking the above sites to yours, including the Facebook and Youtube links.   If you want to help by making a donation, please click on the PayPal button below.

Thank you for your time and for sharing your love through these life links or your donation.  May the hope that you give Jess bless your life with loving abundance.

Love and Light,
Hubbers Dayzeebee and Ripplemaker    

P.S. Please find below thank you letters of Jess and daughter Gebgeb written to donors after he arrived from the hospital.

Jess Thank You Letter to Donors

Dear Family, Relatives and Friends,

Let me start by saying I LOVE YOU!

It's been a week now since I was discharged from the hospital. Finally I have spent a week away from the hospital confines....nothing to do and lying down most of the time for 2 weeks.
I have now gained most of my strength except for some tubes attached to my body... catheter and the shunt for inserting the dialysis machine. For now, I'm scheduled for a dialysis treatment 2 times a week. Even with those things attached I can move and do things normally thanks to you!

After the initial examination at the Emergency Room, they told me that I had to be admitted, I knew I couldn't support myself with the anticipated expenses but the people around me kept telling me they'll take care of it. I felt so much love around me then.

Days passed and expenses kept piling up. Meanwhile love, support, and care kept pouring in from friends, relatives, brothers, sisters and people I don't even know! These positive energies helped me recover more quickly since the expenses were taken care of by loving people all around me and all over the world thereby relieving me of negative worries. They simply were just willing to lend their support and love.

It's so nice to feel the grace from the Lord. Every likeminded people come together when there is a need. I have felt it and acknowledged the power. I wrote a blog post a few months ago about thoughts and vibrations. It relates to my present experience.

I would like to express my deepest thanks to all of you! I Love You. Let us always keep the positive energies dominate our lives through prayers and thoughts. Again, I'm truly grateful for your help.

God Bless!
Love and Peace,

 Gebgeb's Thank You Letter to Donors

Dear Relatives and Friends,

Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve shown to papa. I do not know how to put in the exact words to express my gratitude and appreciation to you guys. It goes to show how papa Lord worked out his love through different people. At the darkest moment of my life, I realized how much love there is to receive and give back.

To all those who took part in my surprise bday celebration at the hospital, thank you so much! At that time I was feeling low but the gesture uplifted my spirit. I was happy that the mini celebration made my papa and family happy as well.

Many times my faith has been tested. I almost reached the point of breaking. Yet the wondrous things people constantly show us have kept me straying from my path. Thank you for keeping my faith alive.

God bless you all,